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Peering Into Next Year, Looking Fondly Back on This One

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

There are so many things I'm excited about in the interior design world for next year- colors, patterns, and that it's a new year to embrace life and create. However, before I say goodbye to 2021, I think there are a few projects that need a little more attention.

My favorite project from 2021 from concept to execution was what I call; “Carlos Sanctuary.” We searched for a lot until we could find one that embodied the spirit of someplace you’d want to live out the rest of your days. Somewhere with enchanting views to get lost in, space to host the whole family, and a fireplace to kick your feet up. Finally- we found a perfect lot with an added bonus- an island. We staked the property and took off to the races building a dream home. Their previous home was nice, conventional, standard. However, that’s not the descriptors you want in your dream home. Now, the sanctuary is forward, contemporary, and flexible. The Corten Steel side paneling, cedar posts, and grand foyer lends the home a welcoming and modern environment. There are spare rooms dedicated specifically to things the clients love- music and crafting. We can’t forget this is a forever home, though. Let's be real, we all lose the want and potentially the capability to climb stairs, so we left room for an elevator and a caretaker suite should the need arise. I’m very excited to share some photos of the finished project when the furniture gets delivered, so keep an eye on my Instagram for updates.

Another great success this year was helping a different client turn her outdated and slightly drab basement bedroom into a welcoming boudoir. With a bit of help from Sherwin Williams colors, some breathtaking wallpaper material, and some mood lighting design, it turned the basement into a space where you could see yourself spending your relaxing Sunday.

Next year's colors, which I have posted on my Instagram, are such a lovely summation of what next year should be. Classy pinks and natural greens welcome the fresh, bright, and botanical vibes I see for the spring and summer- while the neutral taupe complementary tone would be a timeless addition to any space. I look forward to the creations and ideas next year brings- thanks for the inspo 2021!

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