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Fall 2022 Interior Design Trend Forecast

Updated: Jul 21, 2022

Straight from a trained eye, what are the interior design trends coming and going for fall this year?

This past year has been a resurgence of nearly 1960's tropical patterns and colors you never thought would come back- like flamingo pink- which in the right setting proved to be adorable, fresh, and dare I say it- classy. But, like every other summer, especially in Minnesota, the summer comes and goes all too quickly, and with it, the trends of yesterday.

In the migration of those trends, we see new things beginning to surface and carving themselves a nice place in the palette of any current interior designer. The year’s theme is botany, nature, and minimalism despite color and pattern. We see many macrame, terra cotta, palm patterns, and natural elements like grasscloth wallpapers and sagey hues. Those elements aren't going anywhere, but they're transforming to fit into an autumn context, which we are living for.

It seems as though fashion and design are cyclical, certain elements coming back into the zeitgeist time after time. Among the fresh retro colors resurfacing, so are 1960's and 70's furniture designs, like cabana chairs, burnt orange statement pieces, curves, and gold fixtures. So be ready this fall to welcome lots of umber earth tones wrapped up in a circular 1970s package.

As mentioned, all this new, hot stuff is making room on our shelves, so what's on its way out?

The decade of grays is over. Many colors fade out, but finally, gray is on its way to the back of the paint deck. We are seeing a lot of other neutral tones heading to the back as well, making some room for boldness and striking tones. Black accents are taking over for the previously so popular white ones, and minimalist, sleek lines are staying a tried and true way to bring peace inside.

There seems to be a popular opinion that the craze for open floor plans is finally ending. The storage that an extra few walls can provide is more practical than the latter, but as an interior designer, the open floor plan will never go out of style. If our job as designers is done correctly, everything will have its place, and the open floor plan will make the room feel larger, more intentional, and modern.

We look forward to assessing the upcoming year's trends; keep on the lookout for our upcoming blog posts for more interior design tips straight from a designer's eye.

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