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Creativity, Color, and Kindness

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

Everyone experiences life's Ebbs and Flows differently. I'm usually a tough cookie (or so I'm told), but we all hit walls. I was there- under a tall, iron-clad fence- and then came my trip to Cincinnati. Thanks to an inspiring restaurant tour with one of my closest friends, my love for Spanish culture influence worked its way back into the forefront of my design idea pool.

I'd love to work with tall arch windows, bold pops of color, and ornate tile work in an interior environment. I've recently been sticking to residential interior design, but years ago, at the beginning of my career, I passed the ncidq exam, which means I can, and have, done commercial design as well. Space planning for an eatery could be a great future project for me, as I have the technical skill and am brimming with design concepts to make the space warm and full of personality.

Outside of that, experiencing what Cincinnati had to offer, from food to architecture to great company, had my mind spinning as to what comes next. I've got a few fun projects in the works right now that will drop shortly so look out for some photos on Instagram! Maybe you'll get some style inspiration.

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